P.S. could very well stand for pleated stories, a reflection of stories that the 6 yards have uncovered. Sarees hold bits of our stories, memories woven in its warp and weft. Their lives are inextricably linked with so many hands that allow us to drape a labour of love, an offering. Art from humble looms that carry wisps of songs that sing of love and hardship, longing and laughter.

The six yards are forgiving, they embraced this prodigal daughter as she found her way back to handwoven sarees after a long hiatus of nearly two decades! They have wrapped me in their magic once again and this space is a celebration of that radiance. Thanks to a love for the six yards, I’ve found the love of strangers and discovered a timeless muse.

Pleated Stories is about streams of stories that run in parallel, sometimes in sync and sometimes wildly out, pretty much like any human life. Welcome to my universe.

A Pandemic edit

Much before this blog came to be, I had a running one (www.meandmyrun.wordpress.com) where I posted fairly regularly. Eventually it went into hibernation as my knee gave way and running came to a grinding halt. Around that time, sarees made a reappearance in my life and with it a sifting through nostalgia and my days. I needed a new outlet and pleated stories was born as an extension to an IG page. This space remained largely devoted to the six yards until a pandemic turned the days outside in and made for much meandering through words and woods.

As the days pass, I find that all the web notebooks I opened for different interests have become unwieldy to manage like a house with 100 rooms with just one inhabitant. So now, most of the musings find their way on this piece of the internet, a shuttling of the warp and weft of an ordinary life as it walks through its days.

Thank you for stopping by.

3 thoughts on “P.S.

  1. I am so glad you came by my blog for it led me to yours. You have such a poetic way of saying things. I have only begun reading a couple of your blogs but they resonate with me and I find it incredibly amazing that I have been able to ‘discover’ people and writing that resonates with me just by blogging.

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