No vehicles at the station meant a cricket game for the attendants
Desolate food court, all eateries shut except Starbucks and McD but no takers
Ronald McDonald is masked and staying safe
Summer showers
Empty streets
Chasing Gulmohurs has been a pandemic pursuit, some images from the summer of 2020 and 2021

An unexpected trip to Bombay and back on a desolate highway. The city streets at both ends had nakabandis, screeching ambulances and reduced traffic. The cops have a tough job screening people and sometimes lose their cool. It is not a pleasant sight.

Entering my home city, it was a balm to see favourite trees in full bloom, oblivious to the madness of a pandemic.

The numbers of the dead are like a ticker, non-stop. Each of them linked to families and friends, colleagues and acquaintances. By the time the virus and it’s cascading madness lose momentum, we will be a country populated by mourners. Imagine the weight of collective grief and rage, fear and paralysis. How does one heal enough to pick up the pieces of broken hearts, mangled minds, silent homes and lost livelihoods?

A photo note to remember a day when empty roads did not inspire speed but slow reflection

5 thoughts on “Desolate

  1. So sad to see your country going through this. I remember the emptiness in the U.S. last spring and my mixed feelings of appreciating the absence of people, the quietness and solitude, and my painful awareness of how many people were sick and dying. The trees are beautiful, in spite of everything that is not. Stay safe and well.

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    1. Thank you Amber🙏 The times are such a cauldron of thoughts and feelings that it is bewildering. On one hand there is a burning and on the other hand the calm of nature. And both make one reflect deeply on what it means to be a creature of the planet.

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