Last April we were in lockdown. This April too is a lockdown one although not as restrictive as the previous year. But there is a hunkering down mindspace that rearranges the days. Like the year gone by, we occupy our private bubbles of words and art, emerging for chores or meals or chess. The last is probably a marker for a second year of a pandemic. This time around, it is much closer with most of us knowing people in our immediate circles who have been affected. I graze on news just enough to keep abreast of travel restrictions.

Once again, I spend hours in my terrace garden with its scents of jasmines and an expanse of sky and tree tops. It is easy to slip into silent mode and I am reminded of the rustiness of speech after days of silence. It almost feels like a violation, talking after being in quietness. But that is only silence as absence of sound. The mind continues its chatter. I read somewhere that true silence is really an absence of thought. Would it be possible to be truly silent?

4 thoughts on “Silence

    1. I don’t really have an experience of this state… well maybe very occasionally in a moment of deep insight. But it is fleeting. I’m mostly just aware of lots of mental chatter. But at least knowing that it is there is a step towards deeper awareness!
      Wishing you much joy on the path!

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    2. Sometimes in savasana, there is a fleeting experience of it when time and space fall off. Then it’s simply brilliance but that’s so so rare. Perhaps that may be the silence when the boundaries of the body don’t seem to exist.


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