The weeks have been a blur between cities, zoom meetings, classes and lots of time behind the wheel. In the bustle of life and it’s little dramas, I got to witness the blossoming and fading of a semal on the highway over the course of a couple of weeks. An absolutely beautiful tree by a small bridge, I’ve stopped near it almost every trip to watch the sheer profusion on life thriving in its branches.

Between the hurly burly of responsibility, there were also snatches of absolute abandon, like a few hours of ambling in the woods, lazy swims far out in the blue, scenic drives and mesmerizing old temples. Of all the pleasures, swimming in the sea is probably the most indulgent. It’s strange this call of the blue where I don’t realise when my body is swept up into the waves and then there’s nothing but silence. At some point, there is satiety and the limbs move towards shore, slowly finding steady ground.

The travelling yoga mat!
Truly Incredible India

But the magnetic pull of moving remains and it continues on land, both on and off the mat. Long stretches across beautiful beaches, dizzying hills, thick forests, stunning temples and idyllic villages. In the countryside, there is no sense of a pandemic having ravaged the world and there is an even rhythm to life and living. It is precious, this comfort of continuity, of a simple unhurried way. These days seem like a gift, all the more special for its transience. Soon, there will be a need to brace for impact but for now, there are miles to go…

9 thoughts on “Moving

  1. It’s amazing how the pandemic which locked everyone in initially has paved way for freedom of movement unforeseen before the pandemic.
    It’s possible that the pandemic, or our wish for control might take us back to the rooted existence again, but till then these glimpses of freedom are inspiring.

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  2. Reading your post is so inspiring and motivating, especially for the lost souls, propelling them back into life’s promising trajectory! Its always wonderful to read your articles which has a different take on life.

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  3. At first I read “moving” in the sense of changing homes (or cities), rather than “in motion” (which is a far less stressful action). I envy the movement; as much as I love my local trails I am beginning to feel like a hamster on a wheel. So good to see you embrace your freedom.

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