Straddling generations

Strange times these but lovely too in a fragile way. Last night the youngling was texting her friends on a group chat. On a lark, she recorded our banter and sent it on the group and just like that I was part of teenspeak. I got a speedy schooling in gaming slang, memes and music most of which don’t make any sense but it is their world after all and language serves each generation in ways they choose. They’re heartbreakingly beautiful, these children but not children. One of the kids she knew took his own life a couple of days back. All of 16. I can’t begin to imagine his pain.

In another place, an old woman lives within the confines of a shrinking mind, bewildered. Time has decayed for her, it has lost its linearity and become congealed into a shape shifting island. It is hard to reach her world, where names and numbers, memories and dreams are a continuous tumble in a kaleidoscopic prison. She remains locked in a time and space warp within her mind while her body collapses or wanders as it pleases. It must be terribly frightening, vertiginous at the speed at which all of it devolves.

60 years separate the teen and the old woman. Viewed from the middle, I am conscious of the closing in of a past and a blossoming of the future. But I also wonder if they both are any different in the world we now inhabit.

7 thoughts on “Straddling generations

  1. Such a touching reflection. I just returned home from a visit with my mom. She’s in a long-term care facility and the visits are a bit surreal because of the covid restrictions. I wonder what it is like to look out from her eyes…
    …your poetic expression captures some of that for me here.

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    1. I too wonder. It’s so difficult to fathom the inside of my own thoughts and I can’t begin to imagine how things appear from the lens of their life stage and experiences. đŸ¤— Difficult to watch parents fade away

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    1. It is difficult to see them fade especially when they’ve been so sharp and independent all their life. Thankfully, atleast there is access to information so it helps to understand what to expect.

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