Getting ready for lock down

We’re in for another lockdown, this time a ‘strict’ one, starting 14th July for ten days. This time, it’s supposed to be even more stringent than Lockdown 1.0. So, the streets were chaos, the market place already out of stock and people in panic mode.

While the city got busy shopping, I went out into the woods and favourite streets to soak in some sights before being confined again. Some pictures got shot on the phone, the others remain stored in memory.

munias come by in the mornings
two of us reading ‘It’s like this, Cat’, a lovely book about a boy and a cat
tunnel vision?
the woods have given quite a few neem twigs as disposable toothbrushes.
even rot feeds
“we’re watching you”
sandalwood tree tucked away in a lane
Gods by the wayside
fast fading gulmohurs now pressed in a book
Maneck Hall is one of two houses which still has the ancient TV antennae.
zooming in from the balcony

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